Welcome to Fire Management Systems
Fire Management Systems is a premier provider of specialized fire systems to the industrial markets. These systems include infrared spark detection and suppression, explosion suppression, explosion venting, explosion isolation, specialized deluge systems, networked fire alarm, and mass notification systems. As part of our turnkey solution, we also provide site evaluations, engineering, drawing packages (with complete engineered drawings, consisting of layout, assembly and design requirements), project management as well as ongoing training and service.

We are well versed in the protection of pneumatic dust collection systems, silos, storage bins, truck loading systems and production processes, utilizing infra-red spark detections systems, high speed abort gates, back blast dampers, high speed knife gates and explosion venting.

Our engineered systems ensure our customers detect and suppress an explosion and reduce deflagration in manufacturing processes such as:

Wood Manufacturing
Pellet Mills
Paper Manufacturing
Grain and Milling
Food and Food Processing

Fire Management Systems is a distributor for these specialized systems across the United States, providing application engineering, system and equipment integration, installation, and service.